After the stunning “The Book Of Violence” EP, “Into The Fire” is the second EP” taken from FREAKANGEL’s current powerful 3rd album “The Ones To Fall”. A highly expressive and explosive song dealing with destructive love and burning emotions, featuring Javi Ssagittar from TERROLOKAUST fame on guest vocals. The title song is also featured as an acoustic cover version by HELL BOULEVARD, giving it a kind of “True Detective” touch… Besides 2 exclusive live tracks recorded during FREAKANGEL’s Baltic tour in February, our favourite Estonian gang also serves us two heavily distorted and rusty remixes of the dark and tortured “Queen Of Hearts” by BLACK OPZ and TERRORKODE while their industrial neighbours EVESTUS raped the song “My Last Breath”.

6, 5, 4… 3, 2, 1… Let’s all jump into the hellish fire of FREAKANGEL and burn our souls to the heavy sound of the underworld. An oppressively uplifting experience made of harsh powerful male vocals clashing with revolting synths in a furious metal industrial background.

Into The Fire EP
feat. Javi Ssagittar (Terrolokaust)
Release date: 16.05.14

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01. Into The Fire (feat. Javi Ssagittar)
02. Queen Of Hearts (BlakOPz remix)
03. My Last Breath (Evestus remix)
04. Queen Of Hearts (Terrorkode remix)
05. Into The Fire (Acoustic cover by Hell Boulevard)
06. A Dozen New Scars (live 2014)
07. Porcelain Doll (live 2014)

Resistanz Festival | April 18-20 2014

On 20.04.14 we will be performing in England for the first time ever! We really can’t wait this to happen! In meantime we present You teaser for Resistanz Festival 2014! Stay tuned and see You soon!


Our new music video is online! Go check it out and let us know what You think!

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Ladies and gentlemen… DWA and Resistanz Festival present to you the first track from the “Resistanz Festival Soundtrack 2014”:

Cutoff:Sky vs Freakangel – Control

See You in Sheffield, UK in three months!


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